Terms & Conditions

908 Special Events
Terms and Conditions

  • We are available by appointment only Tuesday-Saturday 11am-3pm. Please call or email to schedule.
  • If the date is available and you have a signed proposal, we will offer a 7-day hold while details are discussed, and a contract is drawn up.
    (A hold is not secure until a signed contract is returned with the required deposit.)
  • Once you have booked the space, our events team will be available for additional 30 min walk-throughs for you and your vendors. (Anything over 30 mins will be charged $50 an hour.)
  • Dropping off items the day before is unlikely since we have limited storage, you will not be able to store items at the venue.
  • Your setup time starts at the time of your contracted rental time. Additional event hours may be purchased for $150-250 an hr. However, if there is not an event booked the day prior to your event, we may be able to accommodate you. Special Events 908 is not responsible for items left unattended.
  • All rentals, personal items, and anything else brought in for your event must be removed from the space at the end of your contracted rental time.
  • You will have one-hour total courtesy for set up/ decorate and clean up. If you exceed the contracted rental time, a $250 per hour fee will be charged to the card on file.
  • 908 Special Events handles all setup and breakdown of tables, linens, and chairs.
  • We can have up to 3 events happening in one day unless you book the entire venue. If you book the entire venue you have exclusive rights to the space during your event.
  • Candles must be contained in votives and the flame must be 2” below the top of the container. Open flames are not allowed anywhere in the building.
  • Pets are allowed to be part of the outdoor ceremony and reception but must be leashed and cleaned up afterward. All safety and special needs dogs by law are allowed in the venue.
  • Decorating restrictions: you may only affix objects to the walls with painter’s tape or command strips. If you are hanging items, we suggest using fish wire.
  • We do not allow the use of glitter, confetti, stickers, or silly string. Rose petals, rice, bird seed, and/or sparklers may only be used outside the facility and must be cleaned up after the event.
  • We charge a 22% service fee. The service fee does not go to the servers, event managers, or coordinators that work with you during your event. It goes to the Venue to help cover the cost of everyone behind the scenes, maintenance of venue, cleaning of linens, upkeep of equipment, and other miscellaneous items to help ensure a wonderful event.
  • This price is based on a mutually acceptable contract agreement.
  • We require notification of the exact number of guests attending at least (3) days prior to the function. If more guests attend, you will be charged for the total number of guests.
  • Our kitchen prepares the quantity of food based on the number that you provide us, please give us the correct head count to avoid the potential embarrassment of running out of food.
  • All food and beverage (with the exception of a wedding cake) can be purchased from 908 Special events.
  • Food may be brought in from an from a approved caterer for an additional charge of $300
  • The sale and service of alcoholic beverages is strictly regulated by Georgia Department of Revenue.
  • 908 Special Events complies with all regulations applicable, therefore no alcoholic beverages may be brought in or removed from the premises
  • All events are booked for (3) Three hours. An additional facility fee will be applied for any time over your contracted time.
  • Patron agrees to be responsible for any damage done to the facility (aside from normal wear and tear) during the time the room is under patron’s control.____________
  • 908 Special Events reserves the right to take photographs of rental Events for its own records and for use in future.
  • CLIENT must provide a dated, written request for cancellation. Upon cancellation by CLIENT the following fee schedule will apply:
  • Waiver: as a condition of this contract:
    We realse 908 Specail Events and its affiliaties of any & all responsibility for theft, bodily injury, death or property damage arising out of or related to the EVENT(s)
  • CLIENT agrees to abide by this Agreement and acknowledges having received a copy thereof. CLIENT will be held financially responsible for any damage to the Facility or equipment, which occurs through the CLIENT’s meeting or event at the Facility.
  • Payments can be made at anytime prior to the event with the final full payment required seven (7) business days before the event to avoid cancellation.
  • No refunds will be made when the event is canceled by 908 Special Events due to the CLIENT’s noncompliance with terms and conditions.